Kitchen Accessories

Our wide selection of high quality manufactured doors have been grouped into families of similar styles so that you easily choose your preferred door based on its look. All our doors can be fitted to our standard cabinets and a selection of our doors can also be fitted to our innovative Nouveau handleless cabinet.

All Silestone worktops are produced to order and so you can design the exact layout you want, whether it's a curved line, or an integrated hob or sink, or a matching counter and island. And when it comes to style you will find that the Silestone range has something for everyone, from glossy blacks, to sparkly whites, or on-trend tones and colours.

Let your new kitchen shine with a blend of lighting that is both functional and beautiful. Whether cooking or dining, entertaining or relaxing, lighting helps you to create the right ambience for each occasion. From stylish pendant lighting over your island, to innovative under cabinet illumination for practicality, our inspiring range has been created to give you everything you need to achieve that showroom look.

Take hold of your creative inspiration and express it with our stunning array of door handles. With a choice of styles, shapes, colours and materials you should find the right handle that will open the door to the right kitchen for you.

Make your new kitchen work for you with clever storage ideas that give you easy access, help keep everything organised and your worktops clear. If you're planning a popular open plan kitchen which combines a dining and living space then good storage will be a vital component of achieving the right kitchen.

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