Bedroom Accessories

Total enclosure with total flexibility ensures your clothes are where you want them and in the condition you want them. Cleverly engineered to be incorporated into our robust bedroom robes the front slider frame and door system delivers another dynamic to the bedroom look.

To help keep your bedroom clutter free we have come up with so many clever solutions. Our new internal fitments and accessories offer you the choice to create the perfect storage environment, for example your shoes getting their own racks, your trousers hung on rails, your sweaters and socks stored tidily away in their own drawer unit.

Personalising your bedroom is completed through your choice of handle, and its positioning. Mix styles contemporary with traditional, large with small, pull with knob. Vertical with horizontal. Endless flexibility to create another dimension to your design.

Take hold of your creative inspiration and express it with our stunning array of door handles. With a choice of styles, shapes, colours and materials you should find the right handle that will open the door to the right kitchen for you.

By changing the bedroom doors and drawer fronts, rather than completely changing your bedroom funiture you can dramaticly cut the cost of a new bedroom. It is amazing how just using new bedroom furniture doors with new handles onto your existing bedroom furniture will instantly change the look of your bedroom. We will provide matching doors for use in your ensuite bathroom if you wish.

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